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We recruit via
social media—not
a database

When recruiting for research studies, we do things a little differently. At Collab Research, we find focus group participants via digital reach, not a database. We harness the power of social media to find and collaborate with fresh participants who are a perfect fit for every study, every time.

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Follow us on social to participate

If you’re looking to participate in a current or future focus group, follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all opportunities. We don’t keep a database of participants—instead, we recruit via social media, seeking out ideal representative samples for each and every study.

Real Reviews

See what participants are saying about Collab Research.

Extremely professional and straightforward company. Who knew it was so easy to make money and be apart of cool market research. All communications where timely and all of the staffers were extremely nice and friendly. They make you really feel like family!

Mike Mears

Frequently asked questions

How and when will I be paid?

Payments are made either via Zelle or a check in the mail. All payment is sent 30 days after the entire project is complete. We'll explain more about the process once we're connected.

How will I know if I've been chosen for a study?

If your survey responses are a good match for the study, one of our recruiters will call you for a phone screen. Once the client approves your participation, we’ll send you an email confirmation with all details. 
If you don’t hear from us, we hope you’ll keep following along on social media for future opportunities that may be a better fit.

Do you have a database I can join?

We do not maintain a participant database in the traditional sense. Instead, we recruit focus group participants via social media. For study opportunities, please follow our social channels to stay up-to-date on current and upcoming projects.

When will the study begin?

Every study is unique. Please reference your confirmation email to find your particular study’s start date and time.

Is this legit?

See our reviews on Facebook from past participants! Collab Research provides participant recruiting for the digital focus group industry. We recruit for a wide variety of clients that demand quality qualitative insights.

I got a voicemail from your team, what do I do?

Return our call to the specific recruiter who left you the voicemail. As we review survey respondents, leaving a message for a different recruiter or on our company voicemail may reduce your chances of participation.

What will you do with my data? 

We will only give your data to clients whose projects you opt to participate in. Your data will only be used internally, unless otherwise stated by the client and an NDA is required. We do not sell participant information.


Question about receiving incentive payment?

Please email with your inquiry and please note, payments are sent out 30 days following the completion of the entire study by either Zelle or Melio. To avoid delay in receiving your payment, please ensure your Zelle account is registered to receive payments and the address provided to Melio is correct depending on your method of payment selected.

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