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Actionable insights that turn market hindsight, into buyer foresight

At Collab Research, we take a digital approach to focus groups, using the latest innovations to bring our clients high-quality, inclusive data via honest, diverse participants.

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The Difference is Digital

While in-person feedback and focus groups will always have a place in Market Research, our digital approach offers a different way to unlock unique kinds of consumer feedback. By digitizing and using social media to reach a range of demographics, representative sample recruiting can be simultaneously far-reaching and hyper-niche.

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For B2B research, our study participants are owners and decision-makers within companies, able to offer keen insight into how choices are made in a business setting.

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We’re able to deliver representative samples who fit within hyper-niche demographics. Whatever audience our clients are after, we’re able to find them.

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For B2C studies, participants are everyday people and consumers. They are what one might consider a traditional pool of focus-group participants.

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Though we reach participants online, the studies we help facilitate aren’t confined to the digital space. We can also support in-person, ethnographic studies.

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Once we locate the perfect participants, we manage their experience to ensure a seamless study, providing tech checks, text reminders, and more.

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Our digital process makes nationwide demographics—from North American markets to youth under 18 to Latinx populations—entirely within reach.

Our 100% Digital Approach

Success at Collab Research can always be traced back to our digital approach. It’s via our innovative use of social media and technology that we’re able to be inclusive, efficient, and hold our participants accountable. Our boundless digital wingspan lets us reach our clients’ niche markets anytime, anywhere.

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Real Reviews

See what our clients are saying about Collab Research.

"Collab Research Inc. is a top quality marketing research firm and I am honored that I have been able to work with them, since their inception! They have ALWAYS operated as a partner and are ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile! They are known for being able to find and target hard to reach B2B and B2C audiences. They have a specialized custom database that separates them from the rest! Collab Research Inc. has provided quality respondents for countless research projects! They are simply the BEST, better than all of the rest! I would highly recommend them for your research needs!"

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If you’re looking to conduct a research study, we look forward to hearing from you. If you’re hoping to participate in a current or future study, know that we do things a bit differently here. Click through to learn more.

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