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Our focus on digital sets us apart

At Collab Research, we ensure high-quality online focus groups thanks to innovative technology and our commitment to inclusivity. Our digital approach makes it so there’s no niche, demographic, business, or consumer that we can’t draw from to curate your next representative sample.

Innovation and inclusivity create quality data

Gone are the days of data collection confined to your own backyard. Digital innovations allow us to meet the right focus group participants where they are—across the nation—broadening the scope of data available to our clients.

With this innovation comes an opportunity for inclusivity, a value we keep at the heart of our work. By recruiting via social media, we’re able to reach diverse populations, giving a voice to underrepresented demographics. And we’re equally inclusive when it comes to the services we offer. From B2B to B2C, Ethnographic Studies to Participant Management, there’s no focus group we can’t support, no niche we can’t recruit, no sub-par samples. 


It truly is by this partnership of innovation and inclusivity that we’re able to deliver consistent quality. By ensuring the right participants, we ensure quality data—that is, actionable insights that turn market hindsight into buyer foresight.

Participant Management: Recruitment done differently

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With recruiting rooted in the reach of social media, not a stagnant database, we’re able to deliver targeted, unmatched representative samples every time.

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If you’re looking to conduct a research study, we look forward to hearing from you. If you’re hoping to participate in a current or future study, know that we do things a bit differently here. Click through to learn more.

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